About Us

AMOS is an Indian startup ventured into sports equipment through Football, that is currently engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing & sales of AMOS Footballs.

Our products are used by academies, schools, and clubs in Gurgaon, Delhi, and NCR region.

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Our Focus Areas

Consumer Education

Today, consumer in India is not aware of which Football to buy as per their requirements. Hence we focus on Educating consumer around Football Equipments & hence make them take an informed decision. 

Product Authenticity (Exclusive Distribution)

During our research phase, we found that at least 50% branded Footballs in market are not authentic. Hence we ensure, exclusive distribution to our entire customer base ensuring that they get only Authentic products.  

Make a player fall in love with his Football

Neymar once said, “A ball is like the most jealous girl in the world, if you do not treat her well, she will not love you and she can even hurt you. I love her to bits.” And the basic for that a Football should be such, so that a player falls in love with it. Hence, we quality of a Football is the top most priority for us.